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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 4797 Portfolio

Instructions and Help about Will Form 4797 Portfolio

Hi welcome to Yvonne Emory coaching I move on Emery I've been coaching for eight or nine years now in the property world I've actually helped hundreds of people to find the right way to invest in property for them not just for the rest of the world the interesting thing is that you can learn so much in property these days there are so many courses you can go on so much you can learn sometimes some of those things you learn you just aren't implement either because it doesn't suit live oi it doesn't suit where you live so what I try to do with my clients is to help understand exactly how they can do it best for them now I always coach first and mentor second did you even know there was a difference you see coaching is about asking questions to bring out all those different parts of you and what you want to achieve from property so we can get the right result at the end and then mentoring is something you implement once you've chosen your strategy and once you've worked out in your way to gain what you want from property there are three things that I've always include it's like a model that I use to help you understand what is going to work for you and what isn't going to work for you and this is how I've generated money from property in all sorts of different economic climates over the years by attaching these three elements to myself working out where I am at that specific time because live changes isn't it for the first thing that I look at is the eff the financial situation sometimes I was working in for a big company you pay lots of money company car and I could get mortgages other times I've worked myself I can't get a mortgage this month but I can actually get lots of income differently I can generate income from different ways so my financial situation and might be rolling in money but you're able to get a mortgage I might have both money and mortgage and be able to do anything I'm theorizing property but i might have nothing I want be starting with a SI CJ and I b.f.n a I might have financial difficulties bad credit rating and so on doesn't matter as long as you admit where you are and work from that standpoint so that's the financial situation then we move on to time if you've got all the money in the world and we're going to get all jizz if you're working yourself tough to get those when you're having got time to be out on the streets delivering leaflets getting responses from the leafless negotiating motivated sellers and so on you might even need to have lost property or poorly managed for you and Dinah so your hands off what I like to find is how much time can be invested in the property process because that way we'll being realistic about what you can put in and how much you have to leverage other people's time start tease the time factor but the one that gets missed out most often and is actually the most important is the P for personality you see I'm not the same as many other people other people are different to me that's great and that's how the world works isn't it take my husband for instance which organ cheese they say opposites attract well the personality you have is very important because you might love to go out and talk to people you might enjoy that all negotiation part but try and do the paperwork oh my goodness admin no thank you or you might find that listen admins great doing the maths is fantastic going out and talking to people just doesn't feel like you're kind of a thing so if you are starting with a strategy that doesn't fit your kind of a thing it isn't going to get quite far is it so what we've got to establish is what is your financial situation what's the time you've got available importantly your personality and I do that for a mother variety of things one the most important is wealth dynamics talent dynamics which is a profiling system which helps you understand not only you but the other people around you and how you should be investing to make the most money for you and also a combination of my knowledge of profiles over the years different investors what they've achieved what they haven't achieved to create the right strategy for you so when you've got that f TP the financial situation the time and the personality known then you can go and dive into the sweet box which is all the different strategies one other thing to consider is that strategy is to do with what that property is going to do for you at the end of the day the difference I make between strategy and a buying method is a strategy is a type of property or a type of person that you're looking to work with the buying method might be traditional purchase might be rent rent per purchase lease option just an option all of those things are buying methods and only apply to certain type of properties all of this combined is a bit like being in a sweet shop you know I will go for you know maybe those tiny little mint Imperials you might go over the great big gobstoppers or we might you know you might choose the piece of rock everybody's different and if you can get all of those things right first while you might spend loads of money on call that you don't need to spend money on you want to spend money on learning all these different things whilst you decide what you're going to do.

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