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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 4797 Investing

Instructions and Help about Who Form 4797 Investing

Is owning rental real estate and a down economy a good move you bet it is that's today's video let's dive in hey there I'm Clayton Morris the founder of Morris invest I'm a long time real estate investor and I want to dive into a question that comes up often or ignorant people that write about this on my Facebook page when I talk about real estate investing and people say well yeah but when the next economic collapse is you're gonna be in trouble actually no you won't if you're smart rental real estate is fantastic in a down economy and it's fantastic in a good economy but there are four key areas that you need to know about in order to maximize your rental real estate of return well just first of all let's just talk in broad strokes and we'll dive into the four specifics in a moment think about a down economy for a moment okay if you're in San Francisco New York or Miami or someplace like that where those people who rent and pay three thirty five hundred dollars a month for an apartment those are the people that typically end up losing their jobs or they're the mid-level managers or so forth who get knocked down and end up losing their jobs those are a neighborhoods properties that I never invested right but in middle America in the great blue-collar hard-working cities where you rent to postal employees and nurses and long-haul truckers and service industry folks those people tend to have jobs that do not get lost this is the case when you look at the 2023 economic collapse those of us who owned hundreds of rental properties in that economy did not see one dip not one dip in our...