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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 4797 Analyst

Instructions and Help about Who Form 4797 Analyst

Breather here and she's going to show us how a normal blood gas sample is run on a average size testament that we get here in the lab and when you take us through the process really okay here's a typical range now this isn't a patient sample this is just the demonstrations for demonstration first we have to remove the bubble you're going to mix the sample so now you're mixing you're going to mix and I notice you're mixing in three planes you're not mixing to vigorously and you're mixing for probably what at least 30 seconds left 30 seconds 30 to 40 seconds and you flip the syringe or or how does that work usually flip it up and down rotation and so I notice that we're using a radiometer abl series for the purpose of this demonstration it's capable of running blood gases electrolytes has a co oximeter on board it also does metabolites so the first thing that you what's the first thing you look at when you when you before you run it you look at the instrument the health of these well look at the instrument to see all parameters are green then that means a drink to go no parameter is out of calibration router QC so we can go ahead and run our blood gas the first thing I touch the screen I have to log on I log in my cell range i'll go ahead and move more bubbles the tip flip this so I noticed that you you're presented with some choices here this is just a hot screen the hockey scream hotkey screen and we're just gonna we're just going to pick up blood gas only by microliter we have other choices but we're just going to go with gases right now so then I can show you what I can add on other parameters later on if I need to go start and here they are there is more key for to add on but right now we're selecting only blood so that includes PHP CO 2 302 and saturation alright so go ahead and aspirate for demonstration is it just station ID last name personal information and needs to be in there for demonstration for just putting 1577 which is typical for blood check just blood Shakur forward is on our receivers hope used to check our other machines or accuracy and so I noticed you're not doing anything with this ring so the machine is actually doing everything for it is just aspirating right now I'm not doing anything when it's done it says closed index measurement and it's going through it's going through so this is a sample path here that goes through all the parameters ph reference pco2 po2 chloride metabolites and co oximetry it's not visible here it's down under the sample trap so this is actually analyzing all of the parameters analyzing everything but we only chose blood gas we're only gonna get blood gas I'm going to go ahead just for demonstration choose to put in a draw time of 17 and then you'd and this is important this is your source and some sweet words we have a choice of capillary arterial venous just for demonstration purpose you can choose of the parts to do if you like yes let's just choose arterial so we may know bad right here and that's gonna and that's going to add your reference I mean your verify or panic ranges too because it's sort subside so the results are right here we don't have any panic values here and advisors would be to label aerials up and down so those are all loaded into the machine freehand you're not deciding what's panic and you're not studying so that's not everything is loaded on the machine here's what the pre now would look like with all the patient information it will tell you a blood gas only what size what which machine and all the values that are above and below reference ranges which these are not art out of reportable range or measurement range so they're not there nothing panic but everything is built in the machine so so even if you wanted let's let's select electrolytes since we know that this analyzed them you want to add electrolytes I'll go to ID I go two parameters and they're all the other kids are available for me to choose now if I want to choose everything on here yes choose a pitch choose which would be symmetry co carboxy hemoglobin oxy nemo go and then i'll choose metabolites which is chloride calcium no choice electro I mean electrolytes and then there's glucose and lactate that I could you I can also choose really working but or demonstration but I could do it so I can go back and it will show me everything that I chose so same sample that I ran a blood gas and end it and if you wanted to you could be run that sample and selects electrolytes in the beginning and it would give you the same information may be the same exactly formation I don't have to do anything any measurement or there's nothing else required but just choosing the parameter for me okay so can you print that out as well so side by side comparison yeah you have to turn it off with you like this exactly like the first one except at the bottom here just going to show you what I have changed on the instrument this is just a change of all the parameters that I chose extra alright well thank you very much for giving the demonstration.

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