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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 4797 Finance

Instructions and Help about Which Form 4797 Finance

So um anyways here's what a system of taxes that is voluntary compliance that is that everybody pretty much everybody hates paying taxes but we all do it anyway because we know that we need a country infrastructure like fina roads and bridges and firemen and police officers and that's what all the taxes go to pay for ya depends on your situation if you're a very simple tax situation like your single taxpayer you have no mood deductions you have maybe it's not you don't really need to have some new pair because write it if you have a lot of deductions and some of your deductions because some things are deductible and some things aren't I need somebody to help you go through all that if you're self-employed you're on your own business then it's a good idea to have somebody help you so it depends like I said it depends on your situation if you just our regular employee and you're single then you can do the 1040ez and it's very simple and if you don't make any mistakes on that if you report here's my income here's the text i paid this is what i owe you or you owe me period there's not a lot to that so it's hard to make a mistake on that one but then if you're talking about the 1040 which is what we're going to go over today and there's a lot of different things that can and can't be deducted and if you're self-employed you own your own business there's you know if you run a business out of your house there's certain laws about how much of your house can be deducted as a business expense and I mean so when you're talking about things like that...