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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 4797 Deferred

Instructions and Help about Where Form 4797 Deferred

Music Robert what is a DST deferred sale stress is an installment sale and it's a way for people to fertile gains installment sales have been around for almost eighty five years and somebody that wants to sell their property can sell it and ultimately sell it to a third party trustee in exchange for an installment and then the trustee can resell it on to the cash buyer and ultimately what ends up happening is that cash gets liquid and diversified traditional installments are not diversified and not liquid there they're only backed by the asset that you once owned in this case you're selling it and you're getting diversification with an installment which is a much better approach who benefits from it really in this case the taxpayer gets liquidity diversification and they are able to approve the type of collateral that they would so I would say that really the note holder this the seller taxpayer gets the deferral of all the money that they would have to pay to the state or the federal government but yet the benefits here are really giving them better diversification better cash flow predictable cash flow and again you know being able to put them in things that can diversify because markets can change and when they do you want diversification so a great way to diversify and be able to get liquid diversified cash flow with predictable it sounds like a great resource for the end all presidents benefitting right you sell in the real estate the natural question I think a lot of people ask if something sounds too good to be true is there anything they should look out for is it legal what uh what are some of the myths around it well I think a lot of people don't know about it so that's probably because we named it the deferred sales trust but you know under IRC 453 it's an installment sale so we've been doing it twenty-one years our tax law firm supports it and and they indemnify the client for their work they audit defense state federal we've had reviews by the IRS we've had a formal review by the IRS no issues we've had not one issue with all the transactions we've done over the years so a very very positive report and again it they just have to talk to their CPA their attorney and get comfortable with what we do and I think once they do that they see the value of it how does someone get started really what we do is each agent has that's representing the estate planning team would have an oat their website if they're a professional they can join the estate planning team to become a member if they're a client they would just go to the members website and actually put their illustration in or you know start the case which generates up to the member and down all the way to the experts all the way up to the tax attorney to close the case and help them proceed forward so that's what we built it sounds like an amazing model it truly is it's amazing way to help people and that's what we're all about thank you robert Binkley thank you appreciate it Music you.

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