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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 4797 Charities

Instructions and Help about Where Form 4797 Charities

Inside a report on Wednesday's on Wednesday and so here you are and I'm here on Wednesday yes you're here on Wednesday so because it is the Wednesday Candace happens to be at the mud club party well I well I'm always at the mud club parties can you believe the donuts that the girls brought in I believe they're dirty dirty they're in more than one place yes fancy Dan and then and then and then there's fruit and there's cookies the banana Rhys has bananas and there's cookies in the front and I haven't been to the back yet to see what else we have yeah we've got some more back there I'm gonna have to go look yeah some different kind of maple bars they're not maple bars sir they're they're chocolate and then white frosting blonde I'm on what would be normally be a maple bar I've never seen that before no neither have I but I haven't seen her today either well they could all be gone by now that's back there though you know where the kitchen is so head back there and see if you can find it now what was the subject today for the insider report we have been doing a series of what flows into the schedule a itemized deductions mm-hmm and there's at least three forms and it flow into the schedule a and we've covered him you can go to the website and listen to the last two and today we're gonna talk about another one that has to do with the charitable contributions and does it flow into it does it's a whole separate form can anything with the government really flow this is the word we use yes okay it flows into the schedule a for...