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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 4797 Exchanges

Instructions and Help about What Form 4797 Exchanges

Frequently asked questions IRS Form 88 24 like-kind exchanges any time a taxpayer performs an exchange they or their tax advisor are going to need to complete form 88 24 what's referred to as the light kind exchanges form and I've got a screen shot of it here on the screen on this form the taxpayer is going to need to prcertain information to the IRS a description of the like-kind property given up a description of the like-kind property received the date the like-kind property given up was originally acquired and then next the date the taxpayer actually transferred this property to a buyer so between those two segments keep in mind they're really looking for the potential holding period that's what you're giving to the IRS the next the date the like-kind property received was identified by written notice to another party next the date the taxpayer actually received the like-kind property from the other party and then finally they asked a question was the exchange of property involving a related party and in the situation where the answer yes it did involve a related party part - a form 88 24 asks for more information regarding the related party who are they their address they're identifying tax number their relationship to the taxpayer so if you're involved with an exchange with the related party you're going to actually have to disclose this information to the IRS via this form to review your specific 1031 exchange situation contact asset preservation headquarters in California at 800 - a - 1031 or our Eastern Regional Office in New York at 866 3 9 4 1031 please read the full disclaimer as asset preservation cannot prtax or legal advice.