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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 4797 Troubleshooting

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 4797 Troubleshooting

Hey everyone I wanted to walk you through problem 3 - 33 because to be honest I was a little confused when I tried to work myself through this problem I I planned on assigning and I have assigned problem 32 sorry pardon 33 to you guys and so whenever I want whenever I assign a problem I want to make sure that I can go through and solve it myself and that it makes sense to me before I'm assigning it to you obviously and when I went through this I actually got part of it wrong and I couldn't figure out why and I think part of the issue here is that I'm a compliance person and compliance means I prepare tax returns for a living so I'm very used to using forms to to calculate and apply my to calculate taxable income and to and that all of the components of taxable income using the rules and the forms will do that and they do it in on layman's manner so I really I really like having the forms in front of me when I'm asked a question like this so what I actually did was I went into the IRS website and I pulled form 47 97 and I worked myself through it and I ended up getting the same answer as they did but to me it made a little bit more sense so let me walk you through the facts of this problem first and then I'm going to move over to the form that I filled out for you guys and I'm gonna walk you through that form and I hope that helped so gamma corporation sold the following property on March 3rd of the current year they sold securities equipment building and...