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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 4797 Individuals

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 4797 Individuals

Hello my name is Keisha Hills doc and I am a senior appraiser for the Jefferson County appraisal district are you aware that if you own a business in Jefferson County you are required to render your business personal property my aim today is to explain to you the rendition process and how to complete the rendition form to obtain this form go to WWE CA do RG select forms then choose business personal property rendition what is the rendition a rendition is a form that gives the appraisal district information about the business personal property that your business owns this information will be used by us in conjunction with information from similar businesses to estimate your business's property value information that you provide an addition is confidential it cannot be disclosed to third parties except in extreme circumstances such as by court order what needs to be rendered Jefferson County businesses are required by law to file a business personal property rendition form personal property used to produce income is taxable by law and must be rendered or a 10% penalty will be assessed this would include furniture and fixtures used in your business as well as other items used to produce income such as equipment machinery computers inventory raw materials finished goods work in process and vehicles what are some important dates and deadlines the first date that you should be familiar with is January 1st this is the date on which all property is valued this takes into account the fact that property is specially inventory that you may own may vary during the tax year the official appraisal date is January 1st another important date is April 15th this is the deadline to file your rendition if you decide to file your addition by mail it must be postmarked on or before April 15th if you hand deliver your rendition it must be in our office before the close of business on April 15th if you're unable to file your addition by the deadline you may request a 30-day extension your request for extension must be in writing and filed with the appraisal district by April 15th your new deadline would then be May 15th I will now discuss each step the rendition form and its requirements this discussion will also provide information regarding shortcuts that may be available to business owners to save time first we will look at step one this step is required on the left side of the box for step one the first information required is owner and/or manager name and address you must also provide the business name property location address city state and zip code below that the ownership type is optional however providing that optional information helps us to maintain more detailed and accurate information on your business so we request that you complete all optional questions on this form over to the right in step 1 the property ID number is required along with the phone number including area code the Geo ID and legal description are optional and may be obtained from our office between step 1 and step 2 the tax year is requested after you fill in a tax year step to them requires information regarding representation the person filling out the form must indicate the capacity in which they are filling out the form you will indicate that capacity by checking one of the four boxes provided at the beginning of step two which are owner employee or employee of an affiliate identity of the owner authorized agent fiduciary or secured party each of these choices have a very specific meaning there are definitions of these terms on the last page of the rendition form should you need further explanation of these choices contact the appraisal district and someone will be glad to assist you the second line of step 2 asks for the name of the owner authorized agent fiduciary or secured party also requested are the present Mellon address city state and zip code as well as the area code and phone number for the person listed in the answer to the previous question please fill in this information completely the third part of step 2 as whether you are a party with the security interest in the property subject to this rendition and whether the historical cost new is more than fifty thousand dollars as defined by tax code section twenty two point zero one C dash one and C dash two this generally will apply to someone other than the owner of the property being rendered and will not likely be a concern for the majority of followers however if you have questions as to whether it may apply to you the definition of secured party and security interests are also found on the last page of this form if you need further assistance with this question please call our office and an appraiser will be glad to assist you the last part of step two states if you check yes to this question you must attach a document signed by the owner indicating consent for you to file the rendition without this authorization the rendition is not valid and cannot be processed step three is called the affirmation of prior year rendition this is one of the shortcuts that I refer to at the beginning of this presentation you may feel you do not need to render if everything remains the same as last year if that's the case then there is a quick shortcut simply check the box in step three if your assets on January 1st of last year or the same on January 1st of this year be sure to fill in the blank with the tax year that you are indicating to be the same as the current year if you check this box you simply skip to step 6 sign and date the form and mail it to our office SEP 4.

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