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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 4797 Duplex

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 4797 Duplex

With our lending program we required 10% down and are able to finance 100% of repairs what does that mean for you as an investor that means leverage yes you do have to pay fees yes you will be paying a little bit more interest and yes they will all be for the short term the idea behind leveraging a portfolio is to maximize value so when I first got started and when you're probably sitting there figuring out how to get started or have been getting started the idea is everyone calls it a sweat equity so if I can make into an asset that is worth $200,000 and I can acquire it for $100,000 but it doesn't happen but the asset doesn't have a roof or it might not have furnaces or might not have kitchens and I can through trade and understanding how to improve a property can improve the property for a total repair value of $50,000 it allows me to maximize our dollars and to have a bank give us an opportunity to leverage our portfolio how do you do that the trick is is to get a property that you could acquire for $100,000 you can put $50,000 into it you can only invest at this point with Milwaukee our money $10,000 plus fees and interest payments and get to a portfolio value where the value of the property once you have put all of your improvements into it which can include a roof new furnaces new kitchens new Bass new tile new Granite's etc can get you to a value of $200,000 you can then ask the bank to give you a loan based on the ARV or the after repair value of $200,000 and assuming a 75% leverage you can get a loan for $150,000 that comes full-circle for an opportunity for you the investor to be fully leveraged with zero dollars of your cash in the property and can start wealth accumulation by having your tenants pay down your mortgage and you build cash flow and wealth the ultimate in real estate leverage wealth accumulation and you as the landlord preserve your assets Music.

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